High Speed Rural Internet

Bruce Street can provide dependable and reliable Rural and Urban services with unlimited plans for no limits on when you can download or how much. No data rate bursting to inflate advertised speeds.

We also provide custom hotspots for applications such as campgrounds, trailer parks, businesses, etc. that wish to offer temporary internet access on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

VOIP Phone Solutions

Tired of paying exorbitant home phone prices?

Ask about our 'Voice Over Internet Protocol' phone solutions.

Pay a fraction of regular phone services and call worldwide for pennies. Purchase a VOIP phone or an adapter to convert your existing phone and port your existing number.

Ask us how you can use the internet to connect to the world for less.

Webcasting Solutions

Have a special occasion that you would like to share with people that are unable to attend in person? Consider broadcasting your event live on social media.

Bruce Street can set up and live stream your event for you. We are able to broadcast your meeting, concert, party, wedding, funeral, etc. so people can share in the experience from their device, wherever they are.

Public Hotspots

Bruce Street is able to provide localized, password protected public Hotspots.

With both free and paid models available, these services are ideal for stores, hotels, businesses, communities, trailer parks, etc. that wish to provide wifi to customers, users and guests that require temporary access to the internet using mobile devices.

Live Video Monitoring Services

Want to set up onsite video cameras to monitor your property or inside your barn?

Our qualified technicians are available to install and configure live video systems that will enable you to monitor your desired location from your computer, laptop, smartphone, etc.

Contact us for equipment and installation details.

Equipment Repair

Is your computer sluggish or not working properly? Are you having virus protection issues? Is your printer not printing properly?

Bruce Street can repair your device, clean up, add or remove programs, remove viruses, or install or update anti-virus software.

Equipment, Toner & Supplies

Bruce Street is able to provide more than just quality high speed internet service.

We can also supply competitively priced new and refurbished desktop and laptop computers and printers, as well as toner, paper or other supplies, and we will deliver them right to your door.

Remote Access image - green

NEW! Remote Access

In the past, we have always preferred to visit customer locations to perform necessary computer support. In part this was due to the number of scams and malware options designed to trick users. The other reason is that we are local and could usually get onsite faster than it would take everyone to get a remote session set up. This personal touch is the benefit of dealing with a small, local company. However, the last month is causing ALL of us to adapt.

Bruce Street is now set up for secure, remote diagnostics and support for any internal computer or device issues. Of course this service is reliant on your internet connection working properly but we’re pretty confident we’ve got that area handled. We will be adding a section to our website shortly detailing the process should you need our remote computer issue support.  Standard fees will still apply.