Internet Connection Troubleshooting Tips

If you are experiencing internet connectivity issues, please check the following easy steps to determine and resolve the issue:

Factors to consider:

1. Has there been a recent power outage or electrical storm in your area?

2. Has anyone been doing any work in your home, particularly around your computer equipment?

What to check:

 1. Have you checked to make sure there is power to your location?


2. Have you checked to make sure the Router/Modem is plugged in, powered on and working properly (are the lights on the device)?


3. Has anyone recently unplugged any of the cables on your devices? Are the cables securely connected?


Rebooting steps (check for service between each step):

First – reboot the device (computer, laptop, iPad, etc.) that is connected to the Router/Modem via Ethernet Cable or Wifi.


Second – if the issue continues, reboot your Router/Modem, range extender) by unplugging the power cord of the device for approximately 30 seconds, then plug it back in and wait a minute or two for the device to reboot completely.


Third – if the issue still continues, reboot the outdoor wireless devices…DO THIS ONLY AFTER OTHER STEPS!

Contact Us:

If you are still experiencing internet connectivity issues, please contact Bruce Street Technologies Technical Support at 519-599-3689 for assistance.